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Sahumerio Incense - 1 oz

Sahumerio Incense - 1 oz

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This Sahumerio Incense uses traditional Mexican Mayan ingredients as well as ingredients that resonate with me and my ancestral heritage. There are many different Sahumerio blends, many are hand me down recipes that hold a rich tradition and a history of success. Whether the recipe is Native American, Aztec, Mayan or Incan they are usually called the same Sahumerio which translates to aromatic smoke.

Traditionally, this incense is used by a Mexican Shaman called a Curandero or Curandera. This blend can be used in Limpia rituals where negativity is cleansed and banished from a person, object or space. It is great for cleansing and for protection due to the many different ingredients in the recipe.

I, personally, make this incense and it is my very own recipe from a hand me down one that I tweaked to make it more aromatic. Each ingredient is energetically cleansed and charged. I make the incense with the purest intentions and maintain a positive attitude while crafting it.

You will receive 1 airtight glass jar filled with 1 oz Sahumerio Incense that is carefully and energetically crafted. This is a loose incense that is meant to be burned over a charcoal disk. This incense can also be used to make cone incense.

A Limpia Ritual will allegedly:
-break a spell
-remove negative energy
-hex removal
-evil eye
-stop fights at home and bring peace
-bring abundance

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Vanessa G.
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Love this incense. It's so light and cleansing.