About Us

Founded in 2020, our online crystal and mineral shop offers an extensive selection of minerals.

We carry a variety of natural, tumbled, and crushed minerals, collectible mineral specimens, crystal carvings, crystal infused fragrances (coming soon), crystal jewelry, magical texts, manifestation candles(coming soon), ritual kits, sacred tools, smudge bundles, spiritual home decor, and more. Our metaphysical tools support many practices, traditions, and faiths. These tools assist you to harness and refine your skills - for the experienced and the novice practitioners in all forms of Alchemy.

Our intention is to help you to

Unlock Your Creativity

Meet Our Creators

Harry - Harry holds degrees in Business Management. He is a Machinist and a United States Marine Corps veteran. Harry has over 20 years of working as a Machinist and working with various copper mines throughout Arizona. From his work at the copper mines he learned about the different minerals in Arizona and devolved a love for rockhounding.

He uses his manufacturing background to create our crushed minerals, slabs, tumbled stones, chips, and spheres out of rough minerals and crystals. Working with minerals and gems is highly therapeutic for his C-PTSD. Harry finds that he can express his high creativity through the healing power of crystals. 


Roxanne - Roxanne has a background in Retail and Sales Management, and Nonprofit Management. She founded and was the Chairman to a nonprofit organization in Arizona before she and her husband, Harry, decided to pursue their own business.

Roxanne has been a rockhound from a very young age. Her mom would take her and her siblings throughout the Southwest on various excursions when she was taking her geology college courses. 

Roxanne descends from a line of Curanderas (Mexican Shamanic Healers), midwives and psychics. She was raised as an Omnist with an emphasis in herbalism, natural healing, and magical practice. Roxanne was introduced to the metaphysical and New Age when she was a toddler, where her mother assisted her to cultivate her own natural gifts. She encouraged Roxanne to carve out her own path and spiritual practice.


Message From Our Creators 

Welcome to Purple Door Alchemy. We are family owned and operated from our homestead in Arizona, USA. We started out as a fun family hobby that fed our spiritual practices. Our hikes, rock collecting and tumbling, wild harvesting, our crafting projects and homeschooling sparked the creation of Purple Door Alchemy.

We are a husband, Harry, and wife, Roxanne, run shop that was created through a love of crystals and minerals, spiritual and metaphysical items, and manufacturing.

Arizona has a rich geology where a wide variety of different types of minerals can be found - it's a rockhounds paradise. In addition, Tucson hosts the world's largest Fossil, Gem, and Mineral Show through which we have access to world's minerals.

We carefully craft and package our products in our machine shop which has slowly been taken over by many different types of minerals, crystals, crafting tools, and rockhounding materials.

The kids behind PDA at our annual trip to Sedona, Az.

Every order comes with a free gift. These gifts come from smaller hands, and the words, "Mama, I found this crystal for our shop." The gifts are found rockhounding, or while at crystal shopping at our distributors.

We strive to excel in Customer Service. We understand that every project, spiritual practice, and need is uniquely different. We will always try to work with you whether it is to create a new product, or to fulfill a return or exchange.

Brightest Blessing,

Harry and Roxanne