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Resin Incense - Copal, Frankincense, Myrrh, & Dragon's Blood

Resin Incense - Copal, Frankincense, Myrrh, & Dragon's Blood

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Resin Incense - Copal, Dragon's Blood, Frankincense, & Myrrh - Resin Incense Set

2 oz of wildcrafted Resin Incense:

Dragon's Blood - contains powder and small chunks. I make this using a mortar and pestle.

Or you can get the Resin Incense Set, you save $9.75 and get all 4 Resins. You Can mix the resins to create your own blends!

Packaging Dimensions:
4 oz Resealable Glass Jar
Weight - 2 oz of Your choice of Resin

*sold by weight not volume

How to use:

There are many techniques for burning resin incense, this is just one of many. Resins will not burn on their own, at minimum they require charcoal tablets and a charcoal incense burner.

Fill your charcoal burner 3/4 full with sand or rocks to absorb some of the heat. Then place your burner on a heat resistant surface, such as a ceramic coaster or tile, as the bottom of the burner will become very hot and may result in damage to your surface. Using tongs to hold the charcoal tablet, light it following the instructions provided with your charcoal. Place the hot charcoal onto the bed of sand inside your charcoal burner or onto the mesh screen if you burner has one. Allow the charcoal 5-15 minutes to fully come to temperature indicated by a layer of ash forming on the tablet. Using a metal spoon, add a very small amount of resin on top of the hot charcoal releasing the fragrant incense smoke. Repeat as desired until the charcoal is exhausted.

When finished, allow the charcoal to completely cool in the burner before discarding.

CAUTION: At no time should you touch the charcoal tablet once lit or attempt to move the charcoal burner. Both will be very hot and will burn you. Do not leave burning charcoal or burning incense unattended. Allow for proper air ventilation in the room where you are burning incense.

About each Resin:

Copal - Copal unites the energizing force of the sun with the grounding, transmutive properties of earth. A powerful yet gentle healer and cleanser, Copal draws out and transmutes negative energy of all kinds on all levels. Copal aids in physical self-healing, emotional healing of depression, and environmental clearing. Copal is tree resin identified with the aromatic resins used by the cultures of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica as ceremonially burned incense and other purposes. The term copal describes resinous substances in an intermediate stage of polymerization between gummier resins and amber. The word copal is derived from the Nahuatl language word copalli, meaning “incense”. To the pre-Columbian Maya and contemporary Maya peoples it is known in the various Maya languages as pom. Copal is used by a number of indigenous peoples of Mexico and Central America as an incense and communal ceremonies.

Dragon's Blood - Dragon's Blood has long been used in magick to enhance rituals & strengthen manifestation power in spells, whether dealing with issues of banishment, love, healing or clairvoyance, Dragon’s Blood is a powerful booster to anything you put out into the universe. The resin comes from the rattan palm tree, known as Daemonorops draco & is harvested in Sumatra. Historically the 'Bleeding' sap of the 'dragon' tree, resembled blood, and has harvested in order to make a paste to help heal wounds and protect an individual from infections, creating a 'natural bandaid' upon the skin. In Ritual, Dragon's Blood Resin has been added to anything from magickal inks to protection sachets & continues to be a favorite among practitioners for it's powerful properties.

Frankincense - Frankincense resin is useful for fumigating sacred space in preparation of any ritual as it burns away negativity and raises the energy of the space. Some believe this is the most powerful and useful incense for this purpose and it is used for exorcism as well. Frankincense, also known as olibanum, is a resin obtained from the Boswellia sacra tree as well as other closely related trees. The resin is gathered by slashing the bark of the tree and allowing the sap to bleed out and harden. These hardened bits of sap, called tears, are then collected by hand. There is some evidence that populations of Boswellia trees are declining due to over-collection of Frankincense tears.

Myrrh - Myrrh can be used for purification and preparation for ritual, myrrh resin may be burned as incense for purification, exorcism, protection, and healing. Also, for funerary rites, connection with the dead and the underworld. Myrrh is a resin obtained from one of several species of tree in the Commiphora genus including Commiphora myrrha, Commiphora molmol, and Commiphora gileadensis among others. The resin is gathered when it oozes from cuts in the bark of the tree and it hardens into a waxy substance that can be used as a fragrant oil or incense.

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Resin Incense

Love these resins burn nice and smell divine!