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Purple Door Alchemy

Obsidian Platonic Solids Set

Obsidian Platonic Solids Set

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Beautiful Platonic Solids, sacred geometry, five piece gemstone set made from Black Obsidian stones.

Every physical manifestation in the known Universe is built from one of the platonic solids—earth, air, fire, water, and the ether, which are the basic building blocks of all creation. When working with the Platonic Solids, you are engaging the power sources of creation to become one with the universal frequency through which the sacred power works through you.

The Platonic Solids can be worked with together and individually in energy work, meditation, and cleansing. The five solids each are a vehicle that channels its individual and unique vibrational frequencies that create balance, wholeness, and align energies with the power sources of each building block that are a part in the sum of the whole

The Platonic Solids Set includes:
1. Tetrahedron - Fire element - 4 triangular faces
2. Cube or Hexahedron - Earth Element - 6 square faces
3. Octahedron - Air Element - 8 triangular faces
4. Icosahedron - Water Element -20 triangular faces
5. Dodecahedron - Ether or Universe Element - 12 pentagonal faces

Each sacred geometry gemstone set includes:
- 5 pieces of Obsidian platonic solids gemstones
- Size of each piece is 18-25 mm approximate size
- Each set comes in a wooden box to keep them safe

Each stone is unique and beautiful so please expect slight variations in color, texture, and size.
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