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Purple Door Alchemy

Love and Passion Bracelet

Love and Passion Bracelet

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Love and Passion Bracelet that helps you to manifest love and passion into your life. Together, Garnet and Thulite clear away negative emotions and energy that may be stagnating your love life! Beaded bracelet with 8 mm Rose Quartz and 8 mm Thulite crystals with stretch cord and nickel free accents. The crystals are genuine natural gemstones. Each bead is stabilized to prevent wear and deterioration of the crystal.

Each bracelet is energetically cleansed and Reiki charge.

Nickel Free for those with sensitivities.

* Can do custom sizes
**All stones will vary in color and composition. This is due to the nature of the natural gemstone.

Metaphysical Properties:
Garnet - As a stone of love, the Garnet healing properties can awaken love passions and cheer the soul. Garnet helps to clear out negativity and/or emotional blockages to your heart. It energizes the whole body as it clears away stale emotions, allowing for feelings to flow more freely. It also helps you to connect more deeply to and to be in the present moment with your sensual body. It’s a stone that brings a positive mind, heat, light, and passion.

Thulite - Thulite is truly a stone of love, passion, and the heart. It connects deeply with the Heart Chakra and also resonates with the Third Eye Chakra causing you to be more heart-centered. Thulite heightens our empathy and gives us the ability to be more open and accepting in our relationships and increase our capacity to show sympathy for others. Thulite is a good stone to aid in breaking destructive habits and fighting addiction. It gives us the strength to move on from the errors of our past, and past traumas. It helps you and your partner to remove emotional negativity that may be stagnating a relationship.

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