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Lodestone and Lodestone Food Set

Lodestone and Lodestone Food Set

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Lodestone and Lodestone Food Set

2 1 inch raw magnetic Lodestone.
1 50g jar of Magnetic Sand (Lodestone Food)
1 red cotton mojo bag

When using your Lodestone often, it should be fed at least once a week with a pinch of food (magnetic sand).
Lodestones are primarily used to attract thing to the one using them. They attract power, favors and gift, good luck, healing, money and love. Often 2 are carried together: one to repel bad luck and one to attract good. You can place two of them together in a mojo bag to draw love to you. This feed is also energetically cleansed and charged!

A lodestone, or loadstone, is a naturally magnetized piece of the mineral magnetite. They are naturally-occurring magnets, don't place them near your electronics.

You will receive one 50g (1.76oz) jar of Lodestone food. The Lodestone food is energetically cleansed and charged! Usually only takes a pinch or two of food to feed a Lodestone. You will also receive 2 Lodestones, your choice of 1 Male and 1 Female, 2 Male, or 2 Female.

Male Lodestones are a pyramid shape and the Female Lodestone is more of a cube. Sometimes they look ambiguous.

Warning: Care needs to be used when handling lodestone. It should not be kept near electrical devices, credit cards, video tapes, etc and should never be allowed near a person with a pacemaker.
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