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Purple Door Alchemy

Home Cleansing & Blessing Floor Sweep - 9 oz

Home Cleansing & Blessing Floor Sweep - 9 oz

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Sometimes smudging just isn't enough. If you're feeling bogged down, almost like a dark cloud is over you and you just can't shake bad luck and need your life to increase its flow of positive energy then your home may need a thorough spiritual cleansing.

Each Floor Sweep is crafted with quality herbal ingredients that are meant to be used when spiritually cleansing your home. This Floor Sweep is used for the purposes of clearing negative energy, promoting positive energy and feelings within the home. I find that this Floor Sweep creates a peaceful atmosphere and peace between myself and my family members in the home. The Floor Sweep helps to promote love, better communication, provide protection, as well as make the home a place that people feel welcome, safe, and at peace. Every Floor Sweep comes with a clear Quartz Point!

Directions: You sweep or vacuum your floors, sprinkle a tiny bit (a little goes a long way) of the Floor Sweep on your floors and carpets. Leave the sweep on the floor until you feel it is ready to be collected. Then sweep or vacuum the floor sweep from the back of the home to the front. Then vacuum as you normally would, sprinkle the floor sweep, then vacuum the mixture up, dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag, or empty the canister if your vacuum is bagless. Discard the collected Floor Sweep and its negative energy as you see fit, or as your intentions tell you to. I usually toss it into the trash the day prior or the day of trash collection.

You can use this as a Floor Wash or even as a Wall and Door Wash! Brew 1 teaspoon into 8 oz of water as you would a tea and add to your mop water. Or add the brewed mixture to a spray bottle if you also want to spray your furniture or floors, or pet beds.

Ingredients: Lavender, Cedar, Sage, Rose, Salt, Baking Soda

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