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Purple Door Alchemy

Fire Labradorite Sphere

Fire Labradorite Sphere

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Beautiful Fire Labradorite sphere from Madagascar. The spheres are a mixture of gray, green gray, black with colorful flashes most often in golds, greens, blues and violets. Available in sizes 30 mm, 35 mm , and 40 mm. Each sphere comes with a stand.

 *A sphere in your selected size will be intuitively chosen. You will not receive the sphere pictured. But it will still be high quality, with flash.

Metaphysical Properties:

Purple flash labradorite is a powerful protective stone, warding off negativity while promoting purpose and helping one connect with their higher self. It assists in balancing yin/yang energies, bringing spiritual connection and deep peace. Traditionally associated with the throat chakra. Labradorite also enhances intuition and supports the crown chakra to assist in developing one's intuitive gifts. It is helpful for those practicing meditation, as it brings deep peace to help you reach higher states of consciousness.

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