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Fine Aluminum Shavings

Fine Aluminum Shavings

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Fine Aluminum Shavings for orgone making. This aluminum is clean and dry. They are fine shavings, NOT turnings! The shavings are incredibly fine, perfect for using in orgones/orgonites where turnings would be too large and could result in the aluminum poking out of the orgone.

The aluminum shavings come in a thick, extra large bag giving you ample room too be able to easily gather and scoop out shavings.

*We will continue to keep this product in stock. If we are sold out, it will come back in stock shortly.

Product Description:
4 oz of Fine Aluminum Shavings


8 oz of Fine Aluminum Shavings

Scientific Properties:

The metallic element forming the base of alumina (aluminum) is the 13th element on the Periodic Table carrying the symbol Al. This metal is white, but with a bluish tinge, and is remarkable for its resistance to oxidation, and for its lightness, having a specific gravity of about 2.6. Atomic weight 27.08.

Metaphysical Properties:

Aluminum is a protective metal that will shield your own energy. It's is in a sense, an invisibility cloak that deflects energy being sent your way. This happens in the exact manner that mirrors deflect energy. In jewelry, it will always protect the wearer. Aluminum may also enhance mental abilities such as intellect and telepathy. It protects during astral travel and is your best friend when working with image magic (visualization during meditation). All rocks and gemstones contain aluminocilicate minerals and so does the human body.

Psychologically and emotionally, aluminium has a very calming effect on nervousness, fears and feelings of guilt. A typical indicator is the feeling of impending madness. Aluminium encourages the facility to express feelings, and releases behavioural patterns of holding onto things as well as holding back. Stimulates the desire for change and alteration.

Spiritually, aluminium helps with the loss of identity, finding ourselves again, and who we really are and our task in life. It encourages a sense of reality, soberness and alertness at any given moment, aids recognition of the seductions of modern life as the illusions they are and helps us to deal with them.

Physically, aluminium promotes alkaline metabolic processes. It will help with all problems caused by over-acid conditions, like rheumatism and gout, will decrease excessive acid formation in the stomach. Aluminium supports the absorbtion of iron in the intestines and normalizes conductivity in the nerves, it helps with symptoms of weakness, slowed down perception, even paralysis.

Number Vibration: 3, 5
Element: Air
Planet: Mercury
Astrology Sign: Aquarius
Chakra: Heart

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