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Purple Door Alchemy

Fertility Intention Set

Fertility Intention Set

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This set is inspired by the Devine Feminine and Mother Goddess Energy. This set has been curated to increase overall fertility to support and stimulate the female reproductive system, and restore self-love and acceptance of our bodies. You can use this set a fertility grid in your home with your crystals on a bedside table, under your bed, or your altar.

The Selenite Mother Goddess Charging Plate cleanses your crystals to allow the crystals to absorb any negative energy, and to pulsate their energy and your Intentions outward into your bedroom, home, body and mind.

Rose Quartz increases fertility and brings peace and calm which helps the body to relax. Rose quartz possesses an abundance of feminine energy, much like moonstone. It helps support women’s health. It helps to increase your overall fertility by balancing the female reproductive hormones. It is also helpful in treating sexual dysfunctions. It’s a very helpful and protective crystal during pregnancy and childbirth. It removes your fears, resentments, and anger when you’re trying to deal with your fertility issues as well.

All items are Reiki charged with the high vibe and positive intentions.


Yoni - The source of life. It symbolizes the divine femininity, fertility, sex, Motherhood, and Mother Earth.

Phallus - The phallic symbol is used in many cultures to convey strength and fertility. It can be used to promote sexual healing and clear stagnation caused from sexual trauma and shame it is a symbol of strength and fertility.

Mother Goddess Charing Plate- Mother Goddess, any of a variety of feminine deities and maternal symbols of creativity, birth, fertility, sexual union, nurturing, and the cycle of growth. The Moon is associated with the divine feminine as in many tribal societies the feminine, menstrual cycles were linked to the phases of the Moon.

PLEASE NOTE: Selenite is a form of gypsum which is a soft and porous mineral and therefore it should be kept dry. Etchings or engravings may also not be perfectly centered or straight. No piece of selenite purchased from our shop is going to be perfect because of how soft it is. It is very common for selenite plates, jewelry, bowls, polished stones, etched stones and any other form of selenite to have chips, nicks, flaking, inclusions and other imperfections.

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