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Purple Door Alchemy

Evil Eye Amulet with Bells

Evil Eye Amulet with Bells

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This Evil Eye Amulet will protect your sacred space from the alleged evil eye. The soft sound of the brass bells drives away negative energies and creates a harmonious environment. Bells have been believed to banish lower vibrations by using the chime of the bells. The use of this energy - sound alchemy increases the vibrations of your sacred space. This Evil Eye Amulet with Bells will be delivered to you energetically cleansed and Reiki charged as an amulet to ward away the evil eye, envy and negativity. This amulet is fully ready to be displayed in your home, or on your front door to protect you and yours from the Evil Eye.

Physical Description:
Material: Glass, Brass, and Jute Cord
Dimensions: 9" x 2.25"

About the Evil Eye:
The evil eye is a curse or legend believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person or their possession when they are unaware. Anyone can knowingly wish negative thoughts on you and yours, however some people unknowingly and innocently cast this curse onto others. It is important to wear the evil eye symbol somewhere on your body or to have it in your home, car ward off the curse. The evil eye allegedly protects you and your possessions.

About Amulets:
An amulet is often confused with charms, and talismans. A charm brings good luck. An amulet provides protection from danger and malevolent energy. A talisman attracts a particular benefit such as power or energy.

Amulets come in different forms, from the evil eye to bells and keys. The biggest mistake that we have seen is not charging the amulet. Charging an amulet gives it a specific purpose and/or gives it more energy or "oomph" for its purpose.

Don't know how to charge an amulet? Don't worry, we charge every amulet that we send out to protect from all negative intentions that are sent your way. If you prefer to charge your own, no worries you can cleanse and recharge it for your intended purpose.

Please note: As these are individually handmade, there may be a very slight difference in size, coloring and position of eye.

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