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Eagle Warrior Ceremonial Dagger

Eagle Warrior Ceremonial Dagger

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The dagger is made from minerals from Mexico: hand carved Goldsheen Obsidian forms the blade, and the handle is made from Malachite, Chrysocolla and Azurite Sand formed in resin.

Dagger Dimensions:

Length: 6.5"

Width: 1.5" 

About Eagle Warriors:

The Eagle Warriors were a special class of infantry soldiers in the Aztec Army, one of the two leading military special forces in Aztec Society, the other being the Jaguar Warriors. Eagle Warriors where a type of Aztec Warrior called a cuāuhocēlōtl.

Aztecs also wore this dress at war because they believed the animal's strengths would be given to them during battles, Jaguar warriors were used at the battlefront in military campaigns. They were also used to capture prisoners for sacrifice to the Aztec gods. Many statues and images (in pre-Columbian and post-Columbian codices) of these warriors have survived. They fought with a wooden club studded with obsidian volcanic glass blades, called a macuahuitl. They also used spears and atlatls.

To become an Eagle warrior, a member of the Aztec army had to capture a number of enemies from battles. This was said to honor their gods in a way far greater than killing enemy soldiers in the battlefield. For a warrior to kill an enemy was considered clumsy.

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