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Crushed Carborundum (Silicon Carbide)

Crushed Carborundum (Silicon Carbide)

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High quality, Carborundum, also known as Silicon Carbide is available as a Powder, Sand, Coarse and Extra Coarse. The Powder is sifted through a 60 mesh screen. The Sand is sifted through 20 mesh screen. The Coarse is sifted through a 10 mesh screen. The Extra Coarse is sifted through a 5 mesh screen. All sizes are perfect for resin projects such as orgones/orgonites, inlays, jewelry making and other crafting projects.

Packaging: Plastic jar with screw top lid

Weight: 5g, 10g or 50 g

MOHS Hardness: 9 - 9.5

Alchemy at work:

Carborundum, the world's first artificially produced mineral, was created by Edward G. Acheson in the mid-1880s. Acheson, a former assistant manager for Thomas Edison, conducted experiments in his laboratory in Pennsylvania. He aimed to create man-made diamonds by dissolving carbon into molten corundum using intense heat from electrical furnaces. While diamonds weren't produced, he discovered a substance second only to diamonds in hardness and abrasiveness. Originally named "Carborundum" due to its carbon and corundum composition, it was later identified as silicon carbide through chemical analysis.

Metaphysical Properties:

Carborundum is thought to be a master healer that shines light in all areas of your life and connects to all chakras, purifies mind, body and spirit. It enhances communication, transmits thought, mental agility and focus. It is believed to attract wealth and prosperity. Carborundum has the meaning and properties of an amulet against evils. It is believed that it can prevent negative energy from gathering around you.

*Sold by weight not volume.

**Please note that these are stock photos of a few of the Crushed Carborundum that we have available. Carborundum is a natural mineral and as such each batch and jar will have its own unique characteristics and varying colors.

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