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Purple Door Alchemy

Charcoal Tablets

Charcoal Tablets

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1 Roll of Swift-Lite Charcoal Tablets
10 Tablets in each roll

These self lighting Swift Lite Charcoal Discs are essential for burning resin, loose herbs, or incense powders. Light the edge of the charcoal, lightly blow on the charcoal until red, place the disk in a fire proof incense burner. Within minutes the charcoal will be ready to burn your favorite resins or powders. The disks have been sealed in air tight foil packaging to ensure freshness. In order to maintain freshness, opened rolls should be resealed and stored in a cool dry place. Swift Lite is a top quality brand, as they burn evenly, stay lit, and have a long burning time.

Do not burn incense unattended. Children should not use charcoal unattended.

Use caution when igniting your charcoal; a long grill-style lighter is highly recommended. Avoid contact with sparks.

Keep flammable items away from burning charcoal.

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