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Cascarilla Powder

Cascarilla Powder

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This Cascarilla Powder is made using brown eggs from our very own free-range, black hens! Our hens have access to 4 acres to run and forage. The eggshells are washed, and then sanitized by baking at 350* F. This powder is ready to be used in its powdered form, or made into chalk!

Product Description:
45g* of Cascarilla Powder
1 30ml (1oz) glass vial, cork lid

Metaphysical Properties:
Cascarilla powder is a ritual powder made from crushed hens’ eggs used primarily for protection and banishing.
Cascarilla has two primary abilities. First, it has the power to expel negative energy in all its forms. This can include negativity you accumulate through your own trials and tribulations. Second, it creates a barrier between the natural and supernatural realms. With these capabilities, cascarilla can be applied to any number of situations. Since it’s usually in pressed chalk form, it has some flexibility in how it can be used. It’s even possible to use it in the form of a loose powder or incorporate it into candles or incense for even greater coverage.

Cascarilla powder is a white or off-white powder made of finely crushed chicken eggshells. The protective nature of the eggshell, which protects an embryo as it develops is embodied in the powder when it is used for protective magick. But the protective nature of cascarilla seems to come primarily from its banishing qualities. It seems that negative energy cannot exist in the presence of enough cascarilla and spirit beings find it repulsive. Thus, a line of cascarilla acts as a barrier to the entrance of spirits and harmful or destructive energies.

Cascarilla powder may be used in several ways, including the following:

*Cascarilla powder may be pressed into chalk and used to draw a magical line or circle of protection or to draw protective symbols.
*Add cascarilla powder to a ritual bath to wash away negative energy.
*Add cascarilla powder to a floor wash to cleanse your house of negative energy and prevent negative energy and unfriendly spirits from entering.
*Dust cascarilla powder onto your body to protect you from negative energy as you go about your day. This is especially important after an Uncrossing Bath, or a Limpia (egg cleanse).
*If you are shaking hands with people all day, dust your hands to protect yourself from whatever junk they’re carrying around with them.
*Cascarilla powder can also be incorporated into candles, incense and soap to help spread around the protection as they are used.
*If you find a trick or spell object and wish to dispose of it, dust your hands well with cascarilla powder before picking it up to protect you from being energetically harmed by the item.


Like Santeria itself, cascarilla can be traced back to the native traditions of West Africa. Among other beliefs, the people of this region brought to the New World the concept of sacred white earth they called efun. They believed this substance could provide an individual with protection against evil. Cut off from their ancestral lands, they sought an alternative that could achieve the same effects. This came in the form of an herbal powder called cascarilla. The finely ground outer bark of this large, tropical shrub was already known among the Caribbean natives for its medicinal properties that included reducing fevers, operating as an expectorant, and even clearing flatulence. In fact, the word cascarilla refers to any kind of outer skin or husk. Cascarilla also happened to possess a nearly white color. Over time, Santeria practitioners transitioned from using this herbal powder to using crushed eggshells. These were easier to come by, and the symbolism of the life-giving egg also made it very attractive. Cascarilla powder is popular in Latin American (ex Santeria) and African diaspora (ex Hoodoo) traditions.

The word cascarilla means “husk” or “covering” in Spanish and is correctly pronounced, cas ka REE yah but is quite often pronounced kas ka RILL uh in the North with no confusion. There is a cascarilla plant of note that is also used for metaphysical purposes, but it the two substances are not energetically equivalent.

This is sold as a curio, for entertainment purposes only.

Metaphysical healing and other types of energy work are not to be considered as a substitute for traditional medical treatment.

If either you, or someone you know, has a serious health issue, you or they should consult their own doctor and/or other appropriate professional medical practitioner.

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