Purple Door



Each door color has its own meaning, but what about a purple door? A purple door is often associated with creativity and wealth but spiritually it can mean that a witch lives there.

The Color Purple

The color purple is royal and elegant, it is mysterious and powerful. It represents royalty, mysticism, and the supernatural. 

Element: Air
Planets: Jupiter
Direction: East
Chakra: Crown
Number: 7
Tools: Wand, Cauldron
Stones: Amethyst, Sugilite, Tanzanite, Lepidolite
Tarot: Chariot, Fours
Healing: Mental issues, severe illnesses, addictions

A little bit about the Color Purple 

Purple represents creativity, and is often associated with high magic, and the magical, pagan communities. Witches often seek high knowledge and work with many different energies. They have expanded the magical practice of using the color purple and have incorporated it into the Chakra energies. The Crown Chakra which is located at the top of the head. It is also known as the 7th Chakra and is associated with the color purple, or violet. The 7th Chakra represents one's higher consciousness, it is where we all receive wisdom from our higher self and the Universe.

You can use the color purple in magick spells through the use of candles, altar cloths, clothing, decorations, flowers and crystals. Purple cloth bags can be used to carry and hold your crystals, amulets, talismans, tarot cards, and pendulums. Wearing purple clothing and jewelry helps to assist in bringing forth your psychic abilities by activating your Crown Chakra, and enhance your meditation and divination. Using the color purple throughout your home in the form of curtains, paint and other home decor you will bring its associated spiritual energies.

Purple can be used in magick spells through the use of a purple candle. You can use it to uncross, break bad luck and reverse a jinx or a pox, or to influence people in positions of power or leadership such as a judge.

Purple Doors

Doorways and doors themselves are magickal and full of lore. Much like mirrors, doors are gateways or portals that can take you into different realms and dimensions.

According to Feng Shui, Chi (energy) enters the home through the front door. Each door brings with it the energies of its painted color. A purple door brings with it opportunity, wealth, honor and magic.

Witchipedia states:

A trend among witches of painting their doors purple to mean “A witch lives here” has sprung up. This seems to have started with a Facebook meme a few years ago, though it has been reported that occult stores were selling signs saying “A purple door means a witch lives here” even before the meme appeared.

As purple is a color related to spirit and magick, this is appropriate in modern times. However, it should not be construed as an ancient tradition. Witches, historically, have been members of the common classes. Purple was expensive because it required great amounts of materials (sea snails at first) to create and soon became a status symbol for the wealthy and powerful, which often included clergy. Soon, it became a status symbol, unattainable by the common folk not just by it’s cost, but in some places by tradition and even law. This is why purple continues to represent wealth, power and spirituality to this day. Purple, historically, may of been an appropriate color to represent High Magick and certainly an appropriate color for Ceremonial Magicians but witches? Not likely.

Perhaps, the most significant and legitimate reason to embrace the Purple Door is that it's a spiritual color. It's a symbol that modern witches appreciate and hold in high esteem. But most importantly, it lets other witches know that a witch lives there. Together, we stand in solidarity. We are not alone.

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