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Our Process: Mineral Crushing

Explore a fascinating journey through the process of crushing minerals, crystals, and gems to unlock their hidden beauty and potential. Delve into the intricate steps involved in Purple Door Alchemy’s sourcing, crushing, sifting, and packaging these precious treasures.


Sourcing the Minerals, Crystals, and Gems

Our journey begins with the careful selection of minerals, crystals, and gems from various sources across the globe. Each specimen is chosen for its unique characteristics, ensuring a diverse range of colors, textures, and properties. Whether it's vibrant amethyst from Brazil or sparkling quartz from Madagascar, we strive to curate a collection that captivates and inspires.


Crushing the Minerals

Once the raw materials have been personally, and meticulously sourced they undergo a transformative process through our professional grade crusher. This powerful machine breaks down the minerals into smaller fragments, releasing their inherent beauty and potential. We crush each mineral specimen in small batches, ensuring precision and care to preserve its integrity and essence to perfection. Additionally, we upcycle any broken crystals and minerals.

Sifting Through the Fragments

After the crushing process, the fragments are sifted using a scientific shaker, passing through American Standard Test Sieves. This meticulous step ensures that only the finest particles make their way through the sieves and separated into our four different styles - Extra Coarse, Coarse, Sand, and Powder. Each sifted mineral is ran through a magnet to pick up any possible metal shavings or foreign objects, inspected with precision, guaranteeing quality and consistency in every batch.

Packaging the Precious Treasures

As the final step in our journey, the crushed minerals are carefully weighed and packaged into plastic jars with lids. Each jar is filled with the utmost care, preserving the beauty and essence of the minerals within. Whether it's for artistic endeavors or professional projects, our packaged treasures are ready to enchant and inspire.

Our Crushed Minerals are ready to be transformed into exquisite creations. 

From sourcing to packaging, each step in our process is infused with passion and dedication, ensuring that every mineral and crystal specimen radiates its unique charm and allure. May the beauty of Purple Door Alchemy’s Crushed Minerals continue to ignite inspiration.

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