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Black Tourmaline & Selenite Power Combo

Black Tourmaline and Selenite are two crystals that are powerful combination. The Black Tourmaline acts as a strong protective shield, guarding oneself from psychic attacks, evil spirits, spells, and negative energies of all kinds. It is recommended to be worn or carried by anyone living or working in uncomfortable and negative environments because of its protective and grounding properties. Selenite is a powerful stone with a fine vibration. It purifies the aura and protects oneself from negative influences. It assists in spiritual insight and aids in seeing the deeper picture. It can be used to form a strong protective grid around a home or office space. It is a high vibration crystal that cleanses and recharges the aura, chakras, and other crystals.

When combined they create a protective crystal grid that shields out all forms of low vibrational energy, negativity entities, and magickal and psychic attacks. Selenite, being a high vibration crystal perpetually cleanses and recharges the Black Tourmaline - effectively creating a shield of protection.


This is something that we personally have in our home and our shop. I believe that no home should be without it, or some form of energy protection.

I decided to carry this product for our shop when a customer was in need for something to spiritually protect her from her ex-boyfriend. She told me his back story that is riddled with toxic and manipulative behavior, and that he was also magickally oriented. She said that he practiced black magic (left hand path) and she feared that not only was he astral projecting into her home and her dreams but that she was also a victim to his magickal attacks. She purchased our Psychic Shield Bracelet as a personal protection for herself, and I sent her this set as a free gift, girls gotta stick together, right? I felt compelled to help her. I hate when good people are taken advantage of and attacked.

When she received her Crystal Home Protection set she immediately placed this crystal combo in the four corners of her apartment.

This crystal grid assisted her in keeping her home her sanctuary and keeping her toxic ex from astral projecting into her home. When she moved she forgot the crystal grid and the ex found her. Months later, he still could not let her go!

She was not about to allow him to force his way back in. She went back to her old place retrieved her crystal grid set and put it in her new place, and once again he was barred from entering her sacred space.

I’m so grateful that I was able to help a sister out, and relieved that she has peace at last!

A bit about it:
This Crystal Home Protection set creates a protective crystal grid that will shield out all forms of low vibrational energy, negativity entities, and magickal and psychic attacks. Selenite, a high vibration crystal will perpetually cleanse and charge the Black Tourmaline - effectively creating a shield of protection.

Your crystal grid is energetically cleansed, and Reiki charged by me, Roxanne.

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