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Purple Door Alchemy

Black Magnetic Sand - 1 lb

Black Magnetic Sand - 1 lb

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1 Lb of Fine Magnetic Sand (Magnetite)
Available in 2 granule sizes - 30 Mesh (larger) and 50 Mesh (smaller)

Natural Magnetic Magnetite Sand (Black) Mostly - Hand Mined from the ground in Arizona, USA, and hand sifted and refined to remove silica - No stain or dye 100% natural earth Magnetite. We start by harvesting the sand with a magnet, passing the sand through a few different sifters to remove larger rocks and debris, then process the sand through a 595 micron/30 mesh screen, and then magnetically separate to refine the magnetic sand four times. The sand is then ran through a 50 mesh screen for the smaller granule sand and separate the two sizes. Each size then goes through another magnetic process.

This sand is perfect for adding into resin work such as orgones/orgonites, and for inlay projects. Also great for fish aquariums, sand art, mosaics, school projects, crafts, home decor, floral, candle displays, incense holders, Zen gardens and much more!

The sand is available in 2 granule sizes. The larger sand is processed through the 30 mesh screen. The smaller granule sand is processed through a 50 mesh screen.

The higher the mesh number the smaller the mesh screen is and the smaller the sand is! You can choose which size works best for you and your project!

Packaging Dimensions:
Resealable Plastic Bag 6in x 4in
Weight of Sand 1LB

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